Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Front Door

Eat clean living is a thought that has been running through my find for some time now. I really need to start leading a healthy lifestyle to include becoming more active and eating healthier food choices. In today’s society it has become entirely too easy to eat out at restaurants as opposed to eating healthy home cooked meals at home. I have decided it is time for me to pay attention to the junk food that I’m putting into my body and change it out with healthy fresh food. This will be a huge undertaking but I know I can do it. Making this decision is a start and I now just have to find a way to follow through with it.

I was searching the internet for healthy recipes and came across a website that offers home delivery of freshly prepared meals. This piqued my curiosity and I started to research what they have to offer. (more…)

Candy Pop Nastar, Delicious Cheese Cookies for You

What you usually do on holiday? If you don’t have any plan and don’t want to go to any place, why don’t you try to make something? There are many different types of cookies recipes you can try. One of them is recipe of candy pop nastar. Have you ever tried or do you know what candy pop nastar is?

Candy Pop Nastar

Candy Pop Nastar is unique cookies, where its main ingredient is cheese. Therefore, it tastes cheesier, which also can be considered as one of cheese cookies types. However, the unique thing about Candy Pop Nastar is the filling. You can, basically, add anything inside and it will taste great. This cookie is one of famous cookies in Indonesia. It usually served on Eid Mubarak, which is the day when Muslim celebrate the day their finished their one month fasting. However, this cookie is also delicious any time you want. So, how to make it? Here is the recipe.



  • Blue Band Cake and Cookie butter 175 grams

  • Cheese (grated) 150 grams

  • Egg Yolk from 3 eggs

  • Wheat flour 175 grams

  • Corn flour 30 grams


  • You can use any jam, but for this one, use pineapple jam.

Egg Wash

  • 1 Egg and fresh milk 1 tablespoon, mix them well


  1. Whip the butter until it turned white, then add egg yolks one by one and mix until it well-mixed.

  2. Add cheese and mix it.

  3. Add wheat and corn flour, which mixed previously into the dough. Then, mix it.

  4. Let it set for 30 minutes.

  5. Divide the dough into smaller ball (around 8 grams per ball), flatten it out and fill it with jam.

  6. Adjust it on top of cooking pan, smear it with egg wash,

  7. Bake it in oven at 175-180°C for around 25 minutes.

  8. Let it cool down and you can enjoy this delicious Nastar.

Actually, once you finish the making process above, you can just enjoy it. But, you also can add many different type decorations on it. Our favorite is chocolate decoration. It’s easy to do. You just need to melt the chocolate, then cover the candy pop Nastar with it. It will taste delicious. Or, you also can use Blue Band butter then sprinkle some chocolate chips on it.

One other important this is the butter. Butter has big role in Nastar cookies. It will affect on how firm the dough will be and the salty taste of the cookies. The salty taste is important, because it can boost the sweetness of the cookies. So, you need to choose right type in order to get best result from it.

Candy Pop Nastar is easy to make. You can make it with your family and you also can use its dough to create many different shapes. What we use above is small ball shape. But, you can choose other shape, like triangle, cubes and even star shape. And, this cookie has good amount of carbohydrate. So, you also can use it as snack, when you hungry.

What Makes a Top-Quality Restaurant?

It’s not nice when you’re sat in a restaurant and you’re waiting for a server to come over and see to your requests only for them to eventually arrive 20 minutes later with a massive chip on their shoulder. These aren’t the sort of places you want to eat in because if the servers aren’t happy to serve you, the chances are you’re not going to be happy with the overall service of the restaurant. There is always an excellent restaurant Ottawa that will be much more willing and determined to ensure your dining experience is of a top-quality nature and nothing less, and these are the sort of restaurants you want to find yourself in. What does separate a poor-quality dining experience from an extravagant one?

Service is Always Important

As stated above, the last thing you want is to be served by an unprofessional server that has absolutely zero interest in being at work. A quality restaurant will always provide a friendly service from servers that quickly want to see to your requests, and they will always have a smile on their face whilst doing so.

Top-Quality Restaurants Aren’t Fussy

Of course, the best restaurants in the world need to have some policies in place when it comes to food substitutions and the like. But when you’re Victoria Beckham and you’re asking for a smoked trout salad to be served with dressing on the side, you should be able to get it without the restaurant kicking up a fuss about it. Victoria Beckham was pregnant and dining with Gordon Ramsey at the time so it’s lucky the restaurant is still standing.

A Great Atmosphere

All top-quality restaurants offer a great atmosphere for their diners to eat and drink in. Some diners prefer quiet music whilst they’re eating whereas others would prefer no music at all which means restaurants aren’t going to be able to please everyone. But a restaurant that has a lot of customers who all look like they’re enjoying their dining experience goes a long way towards making a restaurant’s atmosphere great.

The Food Comes Out at Once

If you eat out a lot you’ll likely have been in a situation where your food has come out at various times to the people you’re dining with and it’s not a brilliant experience. Top-quality restaurants will have top chefs that are highly organized and they’ll be able to bring all food out at the same time regardless of what everyone is eating. If there is a big party and there’s a lot of food to bring out, the restaurant will ensure they have multiple servers ready to take it out.

There’s much more than the above that puts a restaurant leagues above the rest but you’ll find that is the very basic service any quality restaurant will provide. Finding a quality restaurant in your area shouldn’t be hard, but you should always consider dining at a different restaurant even if it’s going to be more expensive as they are the ones that are able to provide a better all-round service.

How to Be Successful in Food Service

Food service is an industry that will always have a place in our society, because let’s face it, everyone needs food!  However, being personally successful takes work. Whether you’re a deli, convenience store, contractor at a sports venue or even a food truck owner, there will always be competition.  The most important thing to keep in mind is safety. Make sure you and all your employees are ServSafe certified and extensively trained in food safety and handling. This isn’t only a must, in most areas it’s a legal obligation and you could get your food license yanked without it.

Keep an eye on your equipment and make sure everything from your freezer to your hot food merchandiser is clean and in tip top shape. Check temperatures frequently and if they are too high or too low, toss the food, even if it looks fine. It’s not worth the risk of making your customers sick. Stress to them how important cleanliness and proper sanitation are. Failing an inspection is a PR nightmare and could get you shut down.

The food you offer should be as fresh as possible and made with high quality ingredients. It’s a good idea to have ingredient lists available for people with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Make sure you have alternatives available for them. The more you do to make your customers happy, the better. Always have gluten free options and make sure all your employees know the proper procedures for preparing food for someone with allergies. This is extremely important to avoid any cross contamination whatsoever. Remember, many food allergies are life threatening!

Customer service is also very important. While the customer is not always right, you still need to provide good service. That means friendly workers, and responsiveness to complaints and issues.  Make it easy for customers to provide feedback and always listen. Never ignore a problem. Your employees should do the same. If a customer gets belligerent, train them on how not to escalate and on how to avoid conflict, and make sure they have a quick and simple way to call for help if needed.

If you serve alcohol, it’s also critical that your employees always check for ID and know when to refuse service. If a customer has no ID or a suspicious looking one, is visibly intoxicated, or has underage people or people who don’t have IDs with him, they should refuse the sale. Undercover stings happen all the time, make sure you always pass them!

All About Coffee – Top 4 Coffee Types You Need To Know

From the beginning of civilization, we have been trying out new beverages. For most, if not all, the morning coffee is the best way to get up and get started. However, do you know about the most common types of coffee?

Here’s a list of the most common and the famous coffee types. Have a look and choose the one you like best, be it for your office or your home.

#1: Espresso

Well, you have guessed it right! The first in the list is Espresso. This is a form of black coffee, which is made with dark, roasted aromatic coffee beans in an espresso machine. This is one of the foundation drinks for many other drinks with caffeine. Additionally, the rich flavor of the coffee can be tasted easily since you don’t add any other ingredient to it.

However, if you don’t have an espresso machine, enjoying espresso can be a bit tough. So, if you are looking for discounts on espresso machine in your home or office, you can check out the Groupon coupons for Office Depot. They provide amazing discounts, and all you have to do is sign up.

#2: Cappucino

This is the most common coffee type around the world. A cappuccino is made out of equal parts of espresso and milk along with sugar. It can be used as a dessert in many locations around the globe, because of the sugar and delicious nature. You can also use unsweetened cocoa powder and sprinkle it on top to add in extra taste.

#3: Americano

Though the name sounds a bit weird, still, the drink is well liked by all. To prepare this, you need to add in a shot of espresso to a cup of hot water. You can have it with or without milk and sugar as per your preference. Overall, the nature of the espresso is retained when you prepare Americano.

#4: Café Latte

This is by far the most heavy, yet easy to prepare drink. You can prepare it by adding one part espresso to three parts of milk.  Add some sugar according to your requirement and your drink is ready.

So, now that you know about these common coffee types, it is time to get started. Try preparing each of them on your own. And if you need a coffee machine, get one for yourself too.